Lishtar´s Note: For those who are familiar with mythology, you may well remember that certain children are said to be of sacred and mortal lineage. How so? One of the forms to understand this truth embedded in myth is to trace the birth chart of the child and see which deities blessed the baby´s birth as shown in the stars and examine the date of conception of the child in question. Children of sacred offspring were quite invariably conceived in the Sacred Marriage Rite at the beginning of Spring time, to be born nine months later, exactly at Midwinter. This is the reason for this post, including two girls and a boy. Because it is for sure that the priesthood followed with happy anticipation the development of these special kids, and that considering the importance of Mother Goddesses and of Inanna/Ishtar at least in Sumer, I have strong reasons to suppose that a girl´s birth at Midwinter would be an event of equal importance as a boy´s.
Perhaps now many of you can better understand why Gilgamesh and Heracles, for example, were half human, half divine. And even the Baby Boy of Christmas glory can be described as human and divine! Thus, this is a Midwinter experience of what might very well have taken place many times in Mesopotamia about this time of the year.


The handsome priest who was the High Priestess´ sukkal, or private councilor, could hardly contain his excitement as he entered the lady´s study.

' Two girls and a boy, my lady, we are thrice blessed!' he said and bowed deeply to his mistress.

The High Priestess´ delighted laughter was a sight to behold.

' Three children of the New Year´s Rite, conceived nine months after the first New Moon of the year! Indeed, we are thrice blessed!´

She looked at her young favorite adviser and both shared a moment of pure joy, fond conspiracy and undisguised happy anxiety ... better still, curiosity.

´OK, let´s chart the birth of these special kids in the stars, and may when their time come we have new high priestesses or priests, poetesses, temple builders, warriors and kings on the make!' she said, and both ran to get their tools of office, well-wishing the babies, the families who had brought them to this world and existence as a whole.


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